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Our Member Organisations: Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia Mental Health Foundation ACT Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW Mental Illness Fellowship of Queensland Mental Illness Fellowship North Queensland Mental Illness Fellowship of Western Australia Mental Illness Fellowship Australia (NT) Mental Health Carers Tasmania ARAFEMI Victoria

South Australian Organisations Mental Health Coalition of SA Carers SA - Supporting Family Carers STTARS - Supporting Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation Service Anglicare SA

SA Government Services Guardianship Board Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner SAcommunity Connecting Up Australia SA Health Services Directory Office of the Public Trustee Office of the Public Advocate Service SA (Government Directory) Women’s Information Service

Federal Government Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (includes National Mental Health Plan) Health Direct: a health direct Australian Health info service

National Organisations  Australian Drug Foundation  Beyondblue  Black Dog Institute Blue Knot Foundation - Supporting adult survivors or childhood trauma & abuse Information and support for people who have depression Early Psychosis Prevention & Intervention Centre  Bipolar Disorder  National Youth Mental Health Foundation  Kids Helpline  Lifeline Australia  LIFE: Living is for everyone  Mens Line Australia: Talk it over  MIND Australia  Mental Health in Multicultural Australia Info source for bereaved and grieving carers and colleagues  Orygen Youth Health Resource Centre for Mental Health Consumers  Online service for young people  Sane Australia  24/7 Suicide Call Back Service  National Welfare Rights Network

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Overseas Organisations Information Support and Education Centre, USA  Mental Health America  National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (USA)  American Psychiatric Publishing

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"Life has changed from feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and not being able to get off the couch, to hopeful, engaged and looking forward to the future." 

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