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Bazinga Burlesque!

​Sadly, there are many people suffering with mental illness, who have little or no support. On Saturday 16 July at the Goodwood Institute, burlesque artists vied to represent South Australia in Miss Burlesque Australia. The competition allows performers to develop a brand and promote themselves at the same time as competing with their Australian burlesque peers. 

Competitors are required to help raise funds and awareness for a chosen charity, through the promotion and public relations section of the competition and this year's chosen charity was MIFSA! 

MIFSA would like to thank Bazinga Burlesque and Miss Burlesque South Australia for their outstanding efforts and for raising vital funds for MIFSA. "This is a fundraiser for something that affects everyone in our community in some way and that is mental illness. (It sounds less scary if you say it like James Bond introducing himself, try it!). At 40 years of age I have decided to take on my body-shaming and anxiety demons and enter into the Miss Burlesque South Australia performance competition. I have the mental strength to do this because I am blessed with an amazing support network. But, sadly, there are many people suffering with mental illness, who have little or no support. Over the next month I will be raising money to assist one of the best local mental health not for profits I know." 

Contact Jodee Dellow - Fundraising Support Officer to find out how you can Fundariaise for MIFSA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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